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Hotel realty, hospitality real estate sales is something very different from ordinary real estate brokerage. That is exactly why we strongly want to distinguish ourselves from our contemporary Hungary-based real estate agency competitors. We have over 10 years of perfectly combined hotel industry and real estate brokerage experience. We have worked in a variety of hotel industry segments, from hotel marketing and sales to hotel construction.

We know and understand

- what profitable hotel operation means
- what troubled hotel loans and hotel assets mean for owners, operators and prospective buyers
- what timing of hotel sales means both for hotel owners and hotel investors
- what current market value means in terms of hotel sales
- what high confidentiality means in terms of off-market hotel sales
- how to bring a hotel property to a closing
- that it is not about pure hotel transactions.

it is about long-term relationships with our clients. We are not here for only a part of your hospitality transaction. We are here for the whole of your hotel  transaction.


Office: H - 1114 Budapest, Móricz Zs. körtér 3/B. félemelet 9.

Tel: +36 70 515 4824

E-mail: hotels@akropolis.hu          

Founding Member of Hungarian Association of Certified Hotel Property Brokers


3. Eladás
Balassagyarmaton eladó szálloda
Ár: 80 M Ft; 290 910 Euro

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